Designs To Fit Your Needs

MILL & MOTION Inc., provides a complete design and build service.  Our specialized mechanical design group is versatile and experienced in a broad spectrum of industries and applications. Combined with the resources of our shop facility, Mill & Motion can design and manufacture a variety of mechanical equipment to solve your manufacturing problems.
  • Developing a device to stretch carbon steel sheets beyond yield as a function of quality control for a major steel producer. This producer of high strength steels noted a metallurgical defect could be present in certain grades of steel. This defect was only detectable once their customers' had formed the steel sheets into the finished product. By offering to initiate a sampling program, and stretching samples beyond their yield point, this steel producer was able to assure their customers of a quality product. Mill & Motion was asked to develop and manufacture this specialized device.
  • A leading auto manufacturer asked Mill & Motion to design a method of reducing their scrap handling costs by finding a way to eliminate railroad demurrage costs. It was determined that it would be feasible to eliminate the required railcar movement by installing a rotary dumper from the manufacturing area through the wall into the foundry area. This allowed the present fleet of forklifts to bring scrap bins to one designated location and transfer the scrap directly to the melting area for recycling. A hydraulically actuated dumper of 13000 pounds capacity was designed and manufactured for this severe duty.
  • A major steel producer required an immediate fix to a problem with loading coiled steel into a finishing rolling mill. The antiquated equipment had not been designed to handle the current size and weights of coils presently in production and serious safety and production problems existed. Replacing the equipment in-kind was not economically feasible. Mill & Motion investigated and found a method to upgrade and modify the current equipment to satisfy the production requirement with a minimum of downtime and cost.


These are just a few of Mill & Motion's successes in solving a customer's problems with our cost effective and productive design and manufacture services. Can we assist you with solving your specialized problem?